It’s been a long time

Now I’m coming back home
I’ve been away now
Oh how
I’ve been alone

The Beatles

It has been a long time, way too long actually. My life has been so horribly hectic, though. I had a death in the family, and dealing with the aftermath of that has been very time consuming and difficult. However, I thought I’d share something with all of you!

The City

Walking through the street. You see everyone for who they are–what they are. There’s no hiding. Breathe in. The smell of sour milk, fryer oil, and body  odor wafts into your nose. Just keep walking.

“Spare change?” You hear. The first time you heard it, maybe you saw. Maybe your head turned and you saw the small, crumpled figure. But now you know. You learn not to flinch. Just keep walking.

The row of buildings along the street block the sun, even though it’s a warm day. They make you shiver, casting the street in darkness. Just keep walking.

The crowd pushes towards you. You’re swallowed by them, a hundred moving bodies engulfing you, small and insignificant. Hear them babble, talk to themselves, metal in their ears. You are alone. Stop.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Roka
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 01:53:45

    Thanks for the great story! And thanks for posting about Stories Without Words!
    Be well, Roka


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