Love, Love, Love

Love. Such a weighted word (As my drama teacher would say, “Whooh”). Usually, it means…you know, love. What you go to see Dear John for. But, in honor of [a very belated] Valentine’s Day, I thought I might take a different approach.

Think about it. Love is what makes you happy (until it makes you sad, that is, but let’s focus on the first part for the sake of my post). And what makes me happy?

Love List

♥ Toile Wallpaper
♥ White and Blue
♥ Giant Headphones
♥ Big, “You could fit a dead body in here” bags
♥ The Beatles
♥ The words “Vintage” and “Curmudgeon”
♥ Guitar picks
♥ The smell of old books
♥ Black and White movies
♥ Furniture that’s modern and antique in the same room
♥ Free iTunes section
♥ Georges Seurat
♥ Chandeliers
♥ Gilt Frames with nothing inside
♥ Giggling until you get stomach cramps
♥ Cubes [of anything: ice, cheese, wood…]
♥ Cameos
♥ 1932
♥ Gardenias
♥ The Smiths
♥ Blu-Tac
♥ Lacquer Flowers
♥ Soymilk
♥ Funky land-line phones
♥ Brocade
♥ Grass
♥ Dandelion Seeds
♥ Drinking tea late at night

Okay. If you’re still reading this after all of that…

Make your own! I know Valentines day is over, but maybe now you can take pride in saying, “This year, Sailing is my Valentine” when someone asks you. It’s actually incredibly fun to make a list of things that you love. Try to go for less obvious things than “My Family”, “My Friends”, or “My Dog”. It’s imperative you love those things. Think about what makes you happy in everyday life, the little things that fill you with excitement when you walk past them.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Oasiss


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